The fact that you can insure real estate is one of the major reasons I prefer real estate as an investment vehicle. The ability to insure real estate entitles you to protection from devastation.

If you own a building and it burns down, you are paid money to recover your losses assuming you have the property insured. However, take owning stock in the stock market for example. If you have a major holding in a stock and something dramatically decreases the value of said stock, you have no protection against those losses. The house burning down and the stock decreasing in value are both out of your control, yet you don’t lose your money with the real estate but you do take the full loss on the stock.

This is only a brief explanation of why I believe the ability to insure your real estate investment is a major benefit of investing in real estate. If you ever want to discuss the possibility of real estate ownership, email me at, give me a call at 785.221.1362 or fill out the form on my Contact page. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and these opinions are my own.