Benefits to using us as your REALTOR to sell real estate:

COUNTRYWIDE REALTY – The company we are associated with has been in business over 30 years in Topeka! Countrywide Realty provides incredible support for it’s REALTORS, so you are really hiring a team and not hiring just one person.

PRICING EXPERTISE– Since we work in real estate full time, we have knowledge on what real estate should be selling for in various areas. Pricing can vary based on a considerable number of factors, so getting the pricing done well is important.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS  – All of our listings have pictures taken by a professional photographer. 

HOME PREPARATION TIPS – We will go through your home with you and give you advice on how to prepare it sell. Following this advice will help insure a quicker sale and generally a better price!

MARKET EXPOSURE – Real Estate sold with me will be listed on over 100 websites! The majority of real estate shoppers search online so getting maximum exposure is important!

CONTRACTS & PAPERWORK – We can provide you with all of the necessary contracts and paperwork to get the deal done.

CONSISTENT PREFERRED COMMUNICATION – We are reliably and will communicate with you and we will communicate using the methods that YOU prefer not that we prefer!

NEGOTIATIONS – Negotiations can be stressful but we hope to take part of the stress out! We will work diligently with the other REALTOR and buyer to insure this process happens efficiently and fairly.

CLOSING – We are with you to the end! There is a considerable amount of work that needs to be completed correctly in order to achieve a smooth closing. We will stay in consistent communication with you and all the other parties involved to insure things go as smoothly as possible.


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